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Mrs. S Santha, TGT Science
KVS Regional Incentive Award 2014

Mr. Mujib Rahiman K.U, Librarian
KVS Regional Incentive Award 2014

Mr. Abdul Shumz, TGT SOST Scouts and Guides Divisional Award 2015

Mr. T Sadananadan TGT Hindi
KVS National Incentive Award 2014
KVS Regional Incentive Award 2013
KVS National Innovation and Experimentation Award 2012

Mrs. Usha Malayappan, PGT Economics receiving memento from Mr. V. Sasidharan for securing Highest P.I in AISSCE 2014. This is for the third consecutive year she is securing the position.


Abdul Shumz, TGT SST receiving National Incentive Award 2012 from Mr. R Bhattacharya, Secretary, School Education & Literacy ,MHRD, at the Dr. Sarveppally Radhakrishnan auditorium in New Delhi
Mr. T. Sadanandan, TGT Hindi - Receipient of KVS National Innovation and Experimentation Award 2012.


Mr. S Arumugham, PT Chemistry - Regional Incentive Award 2012 and CV Raman Award

Mr. Thomson T, PRT - CV Raman Award 2012

Mrs. Shantha, TGT Science - BS&G Divisional Award 2011

Mr. Umesh Kumar T, UDC - KVS Regional Incentive Award 2011

 Mrs. Rugmini Menon, TGT English receiving the KVS National Incentive Award from Mr. Kapil Sibal, Hon'ble Minister of  HRD.  Selected for the TEA(Teaching excellence and Achievement) programme a fellowship offered by Fulbright. A member of the 11 members selected from India. Placed at North Dakota  University for the Training and Internship

Mr. Abdul Shumz, KVS Regional Incentive Award 2010. Bolt Award 2004

 BOLT Award 2004